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The Scouting Uniform

Updated for 2023-2024

Scouting uniform requirements can be complicated, particularly for parents new to Scouting. A scout's uniform accessories also change year-to-year as the scout advances through the ranks.


The uniform guide below details the required and optional uniform items for each Scouting rank and adult Scouting leaders, as well as the patches that should be displayed on a Scout's "Class A" shirt (first grade and up). The guide also breaks down what uniform items the Pack provides and what parents should purchase from the Scout store.

Keep scrolling past the guide and you'll find the uniform "inspection sheets" for ranks Tiger (first grade) through Webelos/Arrow of Light (5th grade). These documents show the the correct uniform look and patch placement for

each level. 

Uniform Inspection Sheet T-W-B_page-0001.jpg
Uniform Inspection Sheet T-W-B_page-0002.jpg
Uniform Inspection Sheet W-AOL_page-0001.jpg
Uniform Inspection Sheet W-AOL_page-0002.jpg
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